Pulled out of a used Schecter Blackjack and worked fine before I took it out. About a foot of lead.

$50 through paypal and shipped to the lower 48. I have one past deal here that you can check out here . PM me or email me at jahmai at gmail dot com.
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how does an sh-4 sound?

A lot of treble. Good for leads, thrash, black metal. Probably not good for low tune death or rhythm. Michael Amott from Arch Enemy uses one.
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im trying to sell some pickups myself. once i do im going to buy this one if you still have it.

Righty oh .
Why are you getting rid of it?? i might be interested, but i dont have paypal =[
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Nothing wrong with it, I just don't need it. I put a SH-10 full shred in my blackjack because it fits my playing style better.