Up for sale is a used (but loved) Boss Metal Zone MT-2 Distortion/Overdrive pedal. Perfect for the aspiring guitarist to get a taste the sounds of good distortion or get fantastic crushing tones on a budget!

---No Reserve! Bidding starts at a dollar + shipping.
---Item sold as is, no returns.
---The thing works, its built like a tank, all knobs are correctly placed.

From left to right the knobs are as following:

( -) ( o-) ( o-) ( -)
Level Low (High) Mid(cut) Gain

In the case of the low (high) and the Mid (mid cut) knobs, the setting in parenthesis is a secondary smaller knob inside the main knob. Just look at the picture and you will understand =)

I made a video to showcase it here on youtube:
Right Here! (might not be available right away)

Some more pictures are here: http://sesstreets.com/files/ebay/

This pedal is amazing, I know its labeled with the worlds METAL ZONE to sound extreme for the EXTREME MID CUT SOLOS it can produce, but no joke, this thing plays blues well enough, and if dialed in correctly, can emulate an overdriven Marshall with the right amp settings and guitar.

I swear by mine, its been used in a few gigs here and there, but I'm now paying off my new amp, so I no longer need this.

I ship next business day after receiving payment (or if you buy it on Friday I'll still ship it out for you on Saturday =] ). Shipping handled by usps. Buyers with feedback of 0 must contact me before I ship. I only accept paypal at the moment.

might wana read the rules of this forum....?

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