Alright Pit so my band members and I play Scrabble often its kinda something we get drunk and do after practice sometimes but we always have different arguments about the rules.

What are the general rules you guys play by as far as what words are legal. We say if its in the dictionary and use a sidekick for dictionary.com

Could you use words that aren't abbreviated with a period but words like Grad or Tech or Pro which are short for others.
SillyRabit, scrabbles for kids.

And on a serious note, I think that that still counts as an abbreviation. So no.
no abbreviations, check dictionaries, no names
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no abbreviations, check dictionaries, no names

This is how I've always played and a hearty at getting drunk and playing scrabble.
No names, no abbreviations, no words seperated with a hyphen, no words with an apostrophe. Check a dictionary on allowed words, or get an official scrabble words book. I have one
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Awww, thanks Frenchy

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