Here's a song I wrote called (I Wanna Be) Just Like Rambo, It's like a classic kinda rock song, tell me what you think.

C4C applies
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I like it but at the same time I think it would fit a genre like Weezer better it sounds odd but when you listen to My name is Jonas or Pork and Beans youd hopefully realise what I mean. It needs to get into a chorus thats more, audience friendly.

i think that is the downfall of the song atm, the chrous is almost anticlimatic. Still love the main verse riff

thoughts on my song would be greatly apprciated
the first part lasted way too long IMO. got really boring. it's a nice riff but it really needs to be varied more.

like the other guy said, chorus was really anticlimactic. please change that.

solo could use some work but you've got some good ideas in there. the last bit really doesn't fit not to mention it isn't physically possible to play I don't think.

overally, I think this song is really missing something. It's a good foundation, but you've got a long ways to go. Vary your riffs and stuff. If you personally can't listen to it all the way through (after listening to it over and over again from writing) most others won't be able to either. good luck.

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