I'm considering getting an Italia Manarello Speedster as I LOVE the way they look however I havent seen any personal reviews. Has anyone here got one or played one before?
it does look pretty cool, but why would you want a guitar with so few features (it looks like a LP Junior rip-off)?

Edit: on the site, it shows that guitar having two pickups, but in the picture it just has one. Which guiitar are you looking for?
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Im looking at the speedster 1 (with 1 pick up).

it costs around £350 ($700) and I dunno why i like the idea of few things. like i could get an epi for that and be happy but at the same time like, this is different and less people have it you know!
well like im not someone who is an amazing shredder. My style is simplistic but effective and think this guitar shows this. But I was wondering if anyone has played one before?
I own one. Two words, buy it. They may only have the one pickup but it kicks out amazing sounds. Great tone when played with distortion and it sounds heavenly when played clean with a tiny bit of chorus and reverb on it.
Italia's are some cool guitars - go for it. I've tried most of them, including the Speedster. None have dissapointed me.
Wow. I want one now. For some reason, it totally looks Italian. Like, the Ferrari of guitars, so to speak.

And for that price... do want