Well, I've always followed the correct posture info for my fretting hand, and I continue to check out different descriptions and videos, and try different positions, but my hand never feels 'right'. There's always some wrist pain, or some cramps in the back of my hand, or my fingers are sore, or something, no matter what!
I guess what I'm wondering is a) do you know of any really good posture lessons, and b) could it be that my guitar's neck is too thick [it's 19.5mm/21.5mm, and I have small hands (girls ftw!)]? Thanks!!
Notorious S.I.G.
So if I did more with them, it would hurt less, not more? ;p I will try it! Thanks!
Notorious S.I.G.
Personally, I think a lot of those "correct ways to do this" on postures, picking, and whatnot is just crap. Just play the way that feels the most comfortable to you.
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