On my schecter c1 I currently have duncan designed humbuckers and on my Yamaha Pacifica I have the alnico single coils and a humbucker.

I'm looking to beef the schecter up to make it sound more rockier and with the yamaha to sound similar to a strat.

Which pickups would you recommend?
About the rockier, I'd personally get a set of duncan Jb/jazz. Thats what the schecter C1 classic comes with standard, it gets really nice rock tones.

No clue about the strat though
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As said above, I too would get some Seymour Duncans. To be more specific, a JB in the bridge and a 59' in the neck. It all depends on how heavy you want your music to sound though. If it's just Rock then stick with the Duncans, but Metal musicians get EMG's or active Duncans to get even more bite.
DO NOT get a Seymour duncan JB, the reason, the Jb is just a trebly annoying and bad sounding and bas recording pickup. get a seymour duncan Distortion and then a 59' in the neck. as for the strat, i would get something seymour duncan for the bridge and then something dimarzio for the singles.
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JB's are awesome.

no they are not, there trebly scooped messes that have no tone to them what so ever.
I was looking at the JB today but I'm not sure. Any other ideas for both the schecter and pacifica??