Hey Pit!

I've got around 300 bucks, maybe 400 at most, for a guitar and an amp. Now, it's sort of a gift and not for me, so please don't tell me to save up and get a Les Paul. All I need is a pair of Pro-Mark drumsticks, nine bucks. Anyways, I was just thinking whether it was possible to get a decent guitar and a small amp for that, and if so, what would those be? How much is a Roland Micro-Tube, for example? And is there anything other than Squier in this price range? Oh, and I'd like to avoid these starter kits, if possible...

Thanks guys!
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Both? Squier start pack.
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if its a starter guitar, then i rocomend a jay turser strat package
or perhaps and berhinger package but my amp was shit and the guitar broke after 2 years

either one should cost you about 200~250

EDIT:sryy i didn't read the whole post, get a squire and a line 6 15w spiderII
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Yeah, both. You see, it's not for gigging or anything, she just likes to play, so I don't really think any technical talk here is necessary, just a decent (in a good way ) guitar and amp, but something that won't break after 5 minutes of playing.
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All I wanna know is whether I have enough cash or not, that's all. Enough cash for something good enough to just play for fun, you know.
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my first was a westfield strat copy and practise amp, the guitar actually really good and i even still play it from time to time, and the amp i got in the pack is the amp i still use lol... yes i am getting a good amp in the near future

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Alright, thanks, I hope it's possible. I myself have a really REALLY good Squier, I mean it's a Squier and all, and my Ibanez is better, but the Squier's really good too. And a Roland Micro-Cube, I don't remember how much it cost, though
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Hey, why should I know, I ****ing stole my bass-drum pedal, and got all my guitars from my dad, so it's like I'm losing my music-equipment-buying virginity here.
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pretty pathetic guitar and amp that go for 300 bucks man.... youll be lucky if it has all 6 strings.
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a micro-cube and a squire custom telecaster

well theres 2 tele's i'd recomend, this one: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Squier-Black-Chrome-Special-Edition-Tele-Electric-Guitar?sku=519619

and this one: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Squier-Tele-Custom-Electric-Guitar?sku=515113

EDIT: I didnt read the part where u said you didnt want a squire, but these are pretty good quality, and IMO the same quality than a fender. and the second one is pretty much better than any epiphone.
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OMG, a Tele!!! I'm totally going for that just to be able to play the Tele myself :P Thanks, bro, that's what I'm gonna do.

P.S. Weird feeling: I'm happy to SPEND my hard-earned 300 bucks, but I really am. Not that I've spent the money yet, but I'm still kind of excited. This girl + Tele = heaven.
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you can get a good deal if you do it over the net
but, in store, forget it.
not unless it's one of those starter kits, and even those are climbing in price.
my bass alone ran me 300$, so you should save up and invest a little more in that present you get it not only for appreciation but for longevity.
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Get an Epiphone starter kit thing. You can get a decent, solid LP or SG and practice amp. Epiphone has the best quality for price.

Those are like... $250 where I'm from.
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Get an Epiphone starter kit thing. You can get a decent, solid LP or SG and practice amp. Epiphone has the best quality for price.

Those are like... $250 where I'm from.

I know it's a weird thing to say, but isn't it a little heavy?..
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