I just bought a Boss CS-3 Compession Sustainer pedal and I added into my chain that has a DD-6>CE-5>TU-2>Wireless (for live gigs, in this case it's hardwired).

Basically, my problem is that it works when I go guitar>CS-3>amp but when I add it into my chain I get no sound at all. I've moved it around and still haven't gotten anything, but like I said, when it's alone, it works fine.

Any suggestions?
Yeah, but I don't have an extra cable right now to use it.

Will that make a difference?
Maybe... i know it wouldn't hurt to try.

Leave the tuner in the initial line (for obvious reasons). And just put the compressor with that... maybe it'll sound better.

And also, the bad sound may be from one of your pedals/cables. Check the battery/power supply for the pedals, and make sure all the cables work correctly.
Both of those problems are capable of sucking your tone more than you can imagine.

Sounds like you've got a dud cable.
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