What exactly are the fundamentals of funk guitar. Most the stuff I look up is pretty inconsistent. I know rythm is an important factor but what sort of intervals should I be thinking about? What kind of soloing techniques should I use? Scales? non harmonic tones? any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Actually, in funk, the more challenging work is done by the bass, and the guitar is usually used as a backing instrument. Basically, you're looking for short, choppy chords with plenty of fret hand muting in between. Also, sliding into the chord from a semitone below sounds very funky.
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Yeah, a lot of it is in the rhythm then the actual notes. Lots of chord chucks and 3/4 style strum patterns.

Learn some dominate 9th chords, those tend to go well with funk. G9 and C9 are my personal faves.
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Yeah man, its all about what kind of funk you're playing he Yeah, I also like that music style a lot. Its all about the right rhytm and chords. A lot of muting is also used a lot in funk. The scales I use for funk are : Blues, Minor Pentatonic and Myxolydian scale.

Alright, hope that helps

Greetings, Alexey