is there anything im missing, im going effects send> rp50effect return im using patch cables for a pedalboard, what do you guys think?
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Fresh batteries in the pedal? Or is it using an AC adapter?

Is the pedal turned on? If not, do you hear sound out of the amp anyway?

If the pedal is on, do you just not hear the effect you want?
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check the cables... and also, make sure the jacks on the FX loop are working, too.

Other than that, i have no clue.

Hey Shred - is this a new pedal for you? I think there are two things you can check right away.

1.) If the expression pedal is not calibrated right you may not be pushing a signal.

2.) You may have the Output signal sent to USB (mixer) vs Amp.

Use X-Edit if you can. You can always Reset too, but you will lose custom settings.

Let us know.
also try it with just a cable going from send to return, to make sure the FX loops okay and its not just the pedal
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its a new amp, and it was a multi effects pedal(RP50)
and it started working, but thre was like an 80% volume drop with any pedal(distortion,chorus, multieffects) anyone know why this might happen, its only when theres a plug in the effects send jack, the amp works, bt its quiet
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do you have a patch cable you can plug into Send Return as danyell said?

you 'may' have a power tube issue. Not a big issue.

are you sure pedal is set correctly....use USB to PC to check.

what happens when you run pedal in front of amp after guitar?