My strat that I put EMG-SA active pickups in have an incredibly low output level. I can usually only hear the guitar when the volume is at 10 or if I put a lot of gain. What can cause a problem like this, I know its not the battery because I switched it out twice to make sure. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
The most obvious thing would be the height difference between the pickups and the strings. Most people find there should be a 3-4mm gap between the bottom of the strings and the top of the pickup. If the gap on yours is much bigger, it could be the pickups are too far away from the strings. Try raising the pickup height if this is the case.
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Sorry, I had to ask.
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Rofl! Yeah dude is your amp turned up?

Also, the pickup height thing.
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My pickups are pretty high and I dont think thats the problem. No, its not my amp, I have plenty other guitars..

Any more ideas?
did you replace the pots? Because it sounds like you didn't
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^thats what I was thinking. Actives only want 25k pots. If you are using 250K pots then they are going to be all or nothing.

Could be a bad solder connection or a loose wire inside touching something it shouldn't as well.
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I agree with everything said here. I'd look around in the cavities and troubleshoot.
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