Well I was screwing around in the Phrygian mode today and I came up with this run....

With a triplet feel...

As I move up the neck, my left thumb tends to stay back, getting further away from my fingers and ****ing me up a little.

Is there any way I can get my thumb to stay with the rest of my hand? You know, short of putting Vaseline on the back of my guitar neck?
My teacher says he always rubs lotion on his hands and it got on the guitar neck so it's really smooth and fast...
I don't know why he always has lotion O_o
Practice vertical playing (moving up/down the neck).

Once you get more used to it, your thumb will follow more easily/without thinking.
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I've always wondered what putting a little (or a lot, I guess) flour on your fretting hand would do.

It might be a way to cheat around this if you want to.

Are you using a painted neck? That always buggers my vertical playing.
1. Use baby powder/flour.

2. Your avatar is fucking epic.
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when i move up the neck my thumb does small jumps as i change position. not so it leaves the neck but just so its loose enough to move positions.
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If your neck is painted that could make it sort of sticky and friction-ey.

You could always sand your neck to get rid of any problematic coating or whatever.

Or just practice, practice, practice.
Wipe lemon oil on the back of your neck.
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