Just wondering what kind of ACTION people like to play with...on what kind of guitar? and why?

As low as possible. On an Ibanez RG. Because I play fast music, and it's easier and faster.
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As low as it can go, on my Onyx Custom Craft (very thin neck )
Like he said^ easier to play faster
I was expecting ease for speed....I should also ask...do you feel you give up tone for chord playing? Or not enough to care...?
Dude everyone goes as low as possible without string buzz.

This thread is pointless.
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i actually have 2 set ups that i like. one really low, like everyone, on a prs se, and then a tiny bit higher, with a bigger neck, on my custom, because it's mainly for soloing, so it gets me to slow down and really get in control. otherwise i instantly try to shred and it ruins my solos. it's also really good for practicing on, because once you can do it on that guitar, you can do it on any guitar.
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I play on a hollowbody, mostly funk, and I find myself going for a bit higher than normal for great sounding chords. My fingers really get a workout when it comes time to solo....but for those single note riffs and such....I get much more sound with a bit higher than normal.

and..........If this thread were pointless...you should recalibrate your decision-making skills and thus not waste your time posting. ya?
Ya ya. Sorry it just seems to me that everyone would want the lowest action possible, then you can play faster, and easier.
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As low as I can possibly get it without too much buzz. I haven't measured lately but the action on my SG is pretty much perfect for me.
i drop tune to Bflat, and i'm playing a markley set on my les paul (24.75" scale) and it's nice and floppy, but because of that i have to have the action a little higher, for note clarity.

on my custom, the action's mint low because of the thinner jackson-styled neck. with the 25.5" scale there's more tension, so i can have the action lower.

I like my action as low as possible. it just makes it easier to play..
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Ok, I know this is nooby;
But what the *beep* is action? And how do you change it?

I've got an MIM Strat, mostly tuned in E, Eb, or Drop-D. Help would be greatly appreciated. :-)
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^ action is the distance between the strings and your fingerboard - google setup a strat. Low action makes it easier to play,(because you don't have to push the strings so far down to the fretboard) but go too low and your strings will rattle againts the frets, volume and tone also suffer slightly. Higher action makes if a bit a harder play (not much, but it depend on what music you play) but gives a better tone and volume

If you mess around with your action, you will probably also need to adjust you intonation as well (something you ideally need a good tuner to do), so don't start tinkering unless you have the kit to finish the job - especially if you are new to playing and your current setup is working for you.

All of this can be adjusted using the various screws etc on your trem unit.

To answer the thread q tho - First off, not everyone I know gets thiers as low without buzzing - for instance, If I go to low I have trouble getting a grip on the strings when bending.

I think it's more like, shredheads and younger newer players set it as low as possible - eventually they will bump it up a bit on one of their guitars as they get older and find it sounds a bit better, and they can play for longer without cramping

below I have an EPI LP which I have setup following the Gibson setup specs, and then dropped down slightly on the treble side. distance from the top of the 12th fret to the bottom of the strings - topE = 3/64" and the bottom E is 5/64.

I would probably call this medium action - drop it sdown 1/64" on each side for low, bump it up 1/64" for high.

1/64" is approx 0.39mm.

If I then transfer this to my acoustic, I call 4/64 on the high and 6/64 on the low Medium action.

On my acoustic, I have it high cos it sounds awful if I don't. On my Epi, I start off with the Gibson measurements and the dial it in to my taste.

I don't know if anyone else would agree, but when i think of players with great tone and their own distinct style etc, they tend to have higher action and heavier gauge strings (SRV, BB King to name two).

I tried .008's and low action once - to me it just sounded sooooo limp wristed compared to my usual setup
Thanks alot for that answer!
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I have mine a little higher than low because I have a heavier picking hand than most
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