I was thinking, what would it take to be a small time manager? Like for local bands trying to get things up to speed? I was in one for a few years and I knew all kinds of other local bands. I have pretty much all of the knowledge and experience needed to help a new band make good decisions in the local scene. I do know some of the music industry as well, although I'm unfamiliar with the business aspects of it, like how to properly deal with contracts and whatnot.

So would it be something worth trying? Like maybe charge a small percentage of merch/show money?
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All I can say is you gotta know your shit and find a band that wont go running off as soon as a major record deal is waved in front of them.
Alot of the buissness stuff is all negotiating and making the right moves, but I really would sugesst you take a class in managment skills and just apply it to the music industry. Theres alot of dull but nessecary buissness jargon you need to know if your dealing with contracts.

Im in the same boat man, Im doing a degree in Muisc Buisness that includes managment and its the best thing I ever did so see about getting in a class at a college/learning center
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