well,I have been playing guitar for 2 months, mostly working on technique, learning a few songs by transcribing. I am confused as to what I shud do now.
Please give suggestions
Learn more techniques, learn more songs, learn some theory.
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There's a lot left for you to do. Learn lots of songs, get your rhythm playing down pat, get the fundementals down, try acoustic and electric guitar, learn music theory (that's a big one), learn how to solo, train your music ear, learn the 12 bar blues, and on and on..
Just keep working at it. Guitar is something that you can never stop learning till the day that you die, there will always be something new to learn. And you have to be thinking about the fact that you can always learn interesting stuff unique to your style, dont always just play by the books what other people say. But you should deffiently just try learning harder songs, learn some theory, like EVERYONE says, its really helpful. Maybe even start writing your own music.