Long story short, I don't have the time (Schedule really, not time) to go to lessons, and money is, as always, a concern.

Here's my current self teaching method:

I'm running through the basics courses on justinguitar to learn chords and some theory, and I'm also dedicating myself to learning some simple songs that I like (Ice Age, by Pete Yorn, for one.)

In my mind, this lets me get the theory and the practice down at the same time, and learning the songs helps my fingers get used to moving in the normal style...

Thoughts or suggestions?
Remember: Lessons aren't an option.
Get lessons from some other sites as well. This one may be good, but checking out stuff from many sources may be useful. Also, try to get some exercises, to get your fingers doing the right movements, not just the "normal style".

Another good tip in my opinion, is to always try to get more influences. Check out some music genres that you don't listen, that you don't know much, and even some that you don't like. Discover new artists, writers, musicians. In other words, do not copy one musician, but take a little from many.

Try to learn songs that you think will be hard. If you try harder songs, seek further than you're current abilities, you will get more results from your practice, but don't seek too far. I mean, if you can barely switch between an G and a Em chords, don't try to kick out a kick ass solo from any shreders. If you do that, it will only get you bored and take out all your motivation. But if you try songs that are just a little bit harder (using a new technique, new chords, new fingerings, a bit faster, etc...), it will help you, and you will actually see that you're learning something, and getting better with time.

Be sure to warm up a bit before you practice. It is a bit like these guys playing football. They warm up their arms, legs, neck, back, and more. You have to do the same, the only difference, is that you will work with smaller muscles and smaller movements. But if you don't warm up, you could get some injuries, and you don't want to get any.

My last tip, practice everyday. It is actually better to play 20 minutes a day, than 5 hours/week, all in one day. And if you play a lot, i.e. 2 hours a day, I suggest you to take some pauses during you're practice, maybe 3-5 minutes of pause after 20-30 minutes of playing.

Even if lessons aren't an option, if you wanna make a career of your music, or get to an advanced level of playing faster, I really suggest you to take some lessons. If your plans are to make a living of your music, find some time ans money to take lessons, it will just help you learn more and faster.
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justin rocks!
youre def cool with that on the basics
no worries bro
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Ok, sounds good, thanks guys.

And yeah, I'd love to be able to take lessons, but: I really can't justify the money/afford it, and my schedule is totally not conducive to the times teachers can teach.

Dream Theater: Yeah, I'm not looking to be pro or even super advanced amateur, but in time, I'd like to be able to pick up a guitar and play it well, if that makes sense.
I'm trying to take a look at different styles, so I'll be sure to bear that in mind. Also, thanks for the advice in general, I'm doing my best to practice a bit each day.

Justinguitar seems like a darn good website, and I like his style, but: Are there any others similar to it, or...?
Also: Do you guys recommend books on the subject? Really not looking for just plain chord books, but if there are any: a--->z books on going from no experience to semi competent, let me know please!

Thanks much for the help guys, I've been reading old threads in the forum, good info.
this might be a good book to have, i'll be honest and say i haven't looked at it myself but there is a school nearby with a music program and all the beginners are required to buy it. maybe there's something good there for you? it's very cheap.