Hey everyone, I need help with learning how to count beats of any song. Maybe I could have a depth answer from any of you about this because I want to know how to learn a song slowly in time and build up faster with a metronome so I can play it cleanly so it would be helpful if you guys can help and tell which way to count to a song. You can also explain about time signatures and some examples of songs you can help me count with are: Every Breath you Take, Bat Country, Lack of Comprehension for examples or you can give other examples of how to figure out the bpm of a song.

Thanks guys
your never going to be able to get the exact bpm to a song. But what you will need is a watch (non digital is what i find easy) and just tap your foot to the beat, but make sure it's a constant tap. If you want to learn a whole bunch of things involving time sigs such as 2/4 4/4 4/8.... you would be best to search around the interwebs
one thing that really helps is if you use power tab(i have no idea about guitar pro), you can change the tempo of the music, which makes it really easy to learn to play the song if you can find an accurate power tab which isnt the most common thing.
uhhh gear.....
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60 bpm = counting speed
120 bpm = double that

estimate from there
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do you have a metronome? 5$-50$

can you tap your foot to the beat of a song? 0$ (common sense)

can you adjust the metronome to the taps of your foot? priceless

yes its lame....
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To figure out BPM, wait until your watch reads X minutes and zero seconds, start the song, count the beats, stop when one minute has elapsed, and then you've got your tempo.

If you know how to measure your pulse then you can do this. It is the exact same idea and you can apply the same shortcuts.
Look up as many songs with a BPM that you already know so you have a rough idea. And then take another song and use the one you already know.

Just remember the National Anthom is 100 BPM, thats sometimes helpful
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