I saw this guys entry(click here ), which is very similar to my style of playing.
I love his tone.

As far as pickups and effects, how would I achieve this tone? I have a good amp, and my guitar body and neck are both mahogany.

I am looking at an evo 2 because I have heard it is a very "articulate" pickup. I have no clue as far as effects go though.

Thanks for the help.
It's and ibanez sz320. My amp is a peavey classic 30.
I just thought about this, but would I see more tone improvement by replacing the classic 30 stock speaker with a vintage 30 than a pup change?
Yea, blue marvel is the stock speaker. But I only have a certain amount of money here, so I'm having to figure what will help me the most.

What do you think I should do?

I have about 200 bucks.
I have an Ibanez ts-7.
Should i ebay it and get a ts-9?
Or would you reccomend another od?
Well, its not really the tubescreamer. It seems that I can't get my tone that atmospheric and articulate, no matter how much reverb I throw into it. Thats why I'm thinkin its the pickups or speaker or somethin.