Well, I bought a Jackson DKMG Dinky for about $700 the other day, and the licensed Floyd Rose is really pissin' me off, and it doesn't have the sound I'm looking for. I like to play songs like Escape the Fate, BFMV, and a few jazzy songs, and am looking for a guitar that can deliver heavy distortion sounds and nice jazzy clean sounds. I was wondering whether I should return it and get a ESP H500 or H1001 either with EMG's or Duncans, or any other guitar under $1300 that you would recommend. I'm using a 60Watt Peavey Studio Pro 112 amp. I can either go to Long and McQuade's or LAMusic. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Don't Jackson DKMG's have EMG 81/85 in them anyway?
if the FR is annoying you go get a DKMGT and replace the pickups. It's cheaper than a whole new guitar
Les Pauls do all that and more. You can get an Agile 3100 under 400 bucks. You could put the extra money towards new pickups, strap locks, a pimpin' strap, helluv picks, whatever.
cmon, u want awesome hard hitting tone, go ibanez. At least if you need a floyd rose. If you want something that is just rediculously fast, go with an ESP V-500(like what Padge from BFMV uses), and put some Seymour Duncans. There is your solution. Great guitar for the money!!