Newb question on guitar position - hopefully I can explain this clearly...

I've noticed over time that I am rolling the guitar back towards me to be able to see the strings and my finger position. So when I look down at the guitar, I can see all the strings, fret dots, etc.

But when I watch some guitarists play, it appears that they are keeping the guitar more perpendicular to their body (i.e. you would not be able to see the bottom strings)

Is there an advantage or disadvantage or just personal preference?
Well disadvantage might be that your hand cramps up and it's harder to play fast/accurate.

Once you have the feel of your guitar and fretboard down you don't really have to look though.
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Here's an illustration of what I was trying to explain - this link does say to tilt the guitar back to see the fretboard. http://www.fretjam.com/how-to-hold-a-guitar.html

It's easier to do this sitting down - standing up tends to put the guitar flatter against the stomach/chest

exactly, sometimes when i am playing on the couch the guitar ends up at a right angle. This is wrong.
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