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Hello Pit.

I was laying on the couch earlier pretty full from eating lunch and being terribly hung over with food not sounding good at all. When I got off the couch went to the store to get bacon, sausage, caesar salad and big sticks[cherry pineapple popsicles].

I mainly went to get caesar salad and bacon because it sounded so good even when I'm not hungry whatsoever.

Is there any food you guys crave even when you're full or not hungry?
Hot wings.

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Cheesy Bacon Tendercrisp

but bk was dumb and discontinued their best sandwich
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lol pussy. +1

For some reason, there's some indian foods that attract me even when i'm kinda full. There was like these garlic tortilla things, with some rice and this ****in awesome sauce.... OMFG.
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Ice cream when I'm full.

I think I have a separate ice cream stomach.

Me Too, But not alot...

I work at a icecream shop so it gets old after a while.
Anything. Pizza and chicken especially. Or a subway sandwich. Mmmm.
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That bacon smells so good right now my girlfriend is in the kitchen making it. Putting some bacon in the salad too yaa

i could stuff myself, and still be able to eat pizza if i had some.

pizza wins in just about any situation. its almost the perfect food.
hotrods. in anyform
especially mine.
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It's the coming.
dim sims
I came here to drink milk and kick ass.

... And I've just finished my milk.
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You know you're fucked up when the pit thinks you're a sick bastard.
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Totally right.

Forum lingo has gotten sooo old. I remember back in high school seeing the same stuff like shit doesn't get old to you guys. Ever.
Dim food on the planet.
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Pizza, definitely.

this and curly fries
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Hostess Powdered Donettes.

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That bacon smells so good right now my girlfriend is in the kitchen making it. Putting some bacon in the salad too yaa

Has she got pussy ready aswell?
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pepperjack taquitos from quiktrip. sounds good right now even
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Salad, ice cream, and chips (both crisps and chips).
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... Why are you preaching in the pit? The pit is for satanic people looking to fap.

Dost thou feelst lucky, punk?
What the hell is Dim Sum?

And Imo's pizza I can eat anytime. I love St. Louis style pizza.
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