Alrightio, I've just had an extremley embarrasing revelation that I have to share

You see "FTW" in all the forums these days. I had always assumed it was like WTF but backwards, yet meaning the same thing...ie: "F_u_ck The What!"

Lookin up on google...I learnt it's "For The Win".


I'm Sam
i used to think it was "**** the world"...in context, meaning that something was like... the best in the whole world. "Shredding so hard your fingers bleed and/or fall off FTW!!!"

and IMO "ftl" woulda been "**** the land"... pertaining to the same meaning as FTW, yet in a lesser concentration.

Turn out it was for the win... which took all the fun out of it ._.
it could mean F U C K T H E W O R L D
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I swear they just went into the special ed. class and got one of them to slam their foreheads on the keyboard.
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