Has anyone ever played/owned/heard about the Ovation Celebrity CSE24 Acoustic/Electric? I found someone selling a used one for about $150, and if the guitar is in good condition, it is a great deal. I'll be able to play it before I decide to buy it or not, but I don't want to make the trip if the guitar is crap. Any thoughts on it would be great. Thanks.
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I've played it. It's okay for the price, and looks nice.

The more expensive Ovations, naturally, are way better, but if you're getting a good deal then sure go for it!
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Unplugged sound is horrible. Plugged in sound should be pretty good. This pretty much applies to all Ovations. The higher end ones will have a better sound unplugged though.
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Ovations are rather oddball guitars and therefore contraversial. For sure some people are going to let you know Ovations all suck and are a disgrace to the noble tradition of luithery.
I am not one of them. I am a real Ovation lover. These Celebrities, however, don't cut it. Finish and quality of build are excellent, but the sound is just not there. I don't really understand why they make them. If you really like the Ovation concept but are a poor sod like me, you'd better check out Kamman's B-brand Applause. Or else save up till you can buy a Balladeer.