Hey guys I need your help. I'm in a band and we want to play at a battle of the bands for our school, and most the people that are in it do covers of songs and we don't really have an original song yet. So we need some suggestions on what to cover, mostly something that is know and is not too easy or hard to learn(because we have less than a month), and we need at least 3 songs. Thanks!
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this is one of the greatest songs i have ever heard

though seriously, it would be easier if you said what your bands level of ability is (however you would say it)

lol thats a good one, but we are pretty good at our instruments i have been playing for 3 years and the others in the band a little less then that.
This is Papa Aussin... bassist of this band... we already have picked one song... sweet emotion... if that gives you any idea of our level