Im 15 year old kid and needs some support.
Cause my guitar is a 7 year old acoustic guitar. its very very old. my uncle used to practice with this guitar, but he switched to being a bassist. so he gave me this guitar 3 years ago. ive made some modifications like, painting it black, adjusting the string height (to get rid of the fret buzzes), changing the machine heads. it has screws on its head to keep them together. (what can i do? im just a poor kid.) i live in the Philippines though. guitars here worth double than on US. i guess i cant buy some. IM REALLY REALLY DESPERATE TO HAVE A NEW ONE.

here are some pics. after i painted it.

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I don't think anyone on here would be willing to part with one, least of all pay for shipping to the Philippines.

Ill ship you a big hug.
ask some singaporeans...i heard their guitars there are really cheap...and as for my side, Malaysia, I do know a shop that sells a certain brandless electric guitar for only 100rm, (3.8rm = 1US Dollar), an acoustic for only 80rm, but if you ask me, i can't help you cos i am rather low on my own cash, my own guitar is quite of a mess itself. Just telling you who you should ask- Singaporeans.
Your very best bet is to get in touch with some superstar and tell them your story. Somebody would probably relate then make it a big public interest affair. Being you are form the Philippines your best bet would be Arnel Pineda, the new singer for Journey.
lol but he isn't totally poverty stricken....if he is no doubt a superstar will help...