I need help finding out what guage strings i should get. i am using 54-10s in drop c. i want to go down another full step. i know i want the higher strings to be from a set of 11 so that they have some slack for leads. i also want to keep around the same amount of tension on neck as i do now for it is currently set up perfectly. so will 58 or 60's work, or do i need some thing a little heavier and what are some good brands that have what i need, i have only used Ernie ball and want to change brands.
I suggest 12 gauge strings for Dropped B. 13's for B Standard. 14's for A Standard.

You also need to get your guitar professionally set up if you're going that low for any lengthened period of time.
Roughly speaking, go up a gauge for every step you detune to keep the same tension. So, 56 in the bass should be good, maybe 58. 60 is probably not needed.
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