So umm...

Well, during my high school I took out my permanent marker and asked my classmates to write their names as a remembrance. o.O;
SO now, my beloved Yamaha F310 has all these permanent marker smudges and blots and there are some parts that I want to remove.

o.o; So what would guys recommend to take it off?
Lol! Why do you want to remove your friend's names from high school?!

This is the best I could find on Google:


It's for furniture and not specifically for guitars... Although the methods might still be usable...
=O Remove my friends names from high school?!! NEVA!!!

I just want to remove the extra smudges and marks and offenive terms they wrote. XD

Thanks. That might work. (Hopefully)
Sometimes you can do it by getting a regular pen and colouring over the permanent bits, wipe it off, and repeat. It can take the permanent pen with it.
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Does your guitar have a gloss finish or satin finish?

I dunno. @_@

It's a Yamaha F-310. That's all I can tell.
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I dunno. @_@

It's a Yamaha F-310. That's all I can tell.

If it's shiny, or glossy, it's a gloss finish. If its somewhat shiny but not at the point where you can see reflections on it, it's probably satin.
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if you didnt want it on there you shouldnt have got them to sign it lol...but i would go with some pledge and hope for the best if i were you
F310 is a gloss finish. And it's a mighty fine guitar for a beginner. I love mine to death.
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F310 is a gloss finish.

Assuming that's true, I recommend using naptha (lighter fluid).
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Assuming that's true, I recommend using naptha (lighter fluid).

Isn't that ... harmful? @_@