Alright folks. I'm going to make a single thread... and only one to ask stuff in. I hate making more then one for my questions, so here is the one ^_^.

I have been playing for awhile, but I seem to have stumbled across a block. I know my major scales, I know my Pentatonic minor scales. I know my chords... but I don't know where to go from here.

I suck at playing songs... for some reason I just can't seem to keep them down.
I don't know what other scales I should learn.... I don't know what songs I would be able to keep down. "as In memorize to play later on without tabs"

So got any suggestions for me on what I should learn? I am happy to play anything from punk to funk.
Learn what you like to listen to most, apart from that stuff like Stairway to heaven, back in black, Iron man and just stuff that fun to play and listen to.. just takes practice to remember it all, learning it in sections is a lot easier then trying to do a whole song at once.

Major and pentatonic scales are all you'll really need for now.
Maybe look into learning more scales too? learn blues scale harmonic minor, nautral minor, jazz minor melodic minor etc. Maybe even learn the modes of the Major scale. Theres always more to be learned =) And if your looking into learning more theory, i recomment the book A practice in Harmony, i dont have it on me so ican tell you the author, but its a great book, easy to follow, and teaches you a lot about theory.
you could try cadences like the 12-bar blues thing or the progression stuff if you don't know how to make songs out of learned chords, with scales.. uh i dont know
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