This might be a little cheesy, but my girl loves this song so I sang it. I only did the vocals over the backing track in this clip. Because I am a sax player attempting to learn guitar, in the next few days I will record an acoustic version of the song and sing over it. I was surprised by the decent quality considering I was sitting in my living room holding the mic, then tossed in a little reverb that is built in Cubase 4. Hope you like it and didn't fall asleep, LOL.

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wow I really love your voice

technically it could have been better, when you enter a new verse/chorus/bridge you seem not to fully control your voice for a few seconds which can use some work
you had some out of tune parts espacially in the bridge...

but! the way you present the song, and your nuances are great! you sing very emotionally
so it took over the technic part and I thought it was great!
i see much potential in your voice.
but you need to work on it.
you sang off key in some parts (>bridge) which is an absolute no-go.
Thanks for the advice guys. I actually never sing but I might start taking voice lessons when I get a little better on the guitar. Taking on 2 tasks at once might be rough. Or maybe I will just get Melodyne or some other pitch correction software and go on tour tomorrow, lol.
Very nice, you'll sound ever better with just a little bit more practice.

Taking on two tasks might not be that bad. Guitar could actually help your singing. When I play and sing along I tend to stay in key much better.