I need to get a distortion pedal for really heavy metal tone. I want chunky palm mutes (metallica ish), dimebag tone and a good sound for shredding. I have a marshall mg at the moment but i cant afford to upgrade to a better amp so i need a pedal.
At the moment ive been lookin at the metal muff, metal core, line 6 uber metal, mxr dime distortion, and krank distortus maximus. Please help me choose one. Thanks
A pedal will not make your amp sound any better.
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The metalcore sucks, the ubermetal i havn't tried but havnt heard that great things about. The mxr dime and krank dist i havn't heard about. but

I own a metal muff, its pretty good for over the top distortion, its better at trebley tones, but it does chunky stuff pretty well.

But, you want to be looking into a better amp. The MG is a piece of crap, getting a distortion pedal is only going to make things worse essentially.