i want something i can tap my foot on, for a kickdrum sound while i play my originals at the acoustic arvo at the pub each sunday.

iv seen a couple before. one was a nicely carved and varnished wooden box with a jack input at one end, and the other was a suitcase with a kickdrum pedal on it and a mic inside.

is there any blueprints or tips you could give me on making one, how to get it to sound its best and if you have any tips on useing them.

also, can you buy them?

thanks heaps.
Um, you kinda suggested an idea for yourself there. Buy a mic and Bass pedal and put them on the suitcase? Sounds like a good idea to me
i was sorta hoping to get something more proffesional, and hoping to get a better sound.

i cant remember how well it sounded tho.

if i made a wooden box to tap my foot on top of, would that work? how would i mic it? would the mic need to be inside?

would it work acousitcly, when i am just practising?

and can i buy them anywhere ciomercially?
You don't really need to spend much money, just make yourself a box out of any old wood and mic it up - see Seasick Steve with his Mississippi Drum Machine. I myself use a mic'd up aluminium briefcase - now that's lo-fi.

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If you have a wooden hard case, try a kick pedal against it as well. Sometimes this can work well acoustically.
Quote by Martian980
if u want a professional sound get a bass drum and a bass pedal....

i think you may have missed the point of what i am saying.

a kickdrum at the bottom of my stool while i am playing guitar of a sunday would look stupid and maybe be too loud
and a pedal hitting a microphone won't? Boyce Avenue does it in their cover of Viva La Vida (theres's a video on youtube srry no link i'm at school) and it looked fine, and since everything in a gig would be mic'd and whatnot it shouldn't be too loud
Lol. I was going to link that too. I think you can make a stomp box out of a transducer pickup and a wooden box. I'm not sure though.
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