Hi guys... hope ill find some quality help here

Problem ist this.. I Got two Guitars where i changed the pickups

The first is an unknown Stratcopy and the second one an Ibanez Seventstring (RG7321)
With both guitars i did this: Removed all pickups and all electric parts, and replaced them with EMG 81 (and a EMG81-7)...

I put them together like EMG tells you too. Everything works. But the problem is when i play high volumes (on my amp) i get a weird feedback not that kind of high squeeling sound but a low and deep Humming that wont stop even if i go away from my amp, only if i pull the volume down. Ah and by the way i got an ESP explorer with EMG 81 and i dont have that problem with it...so i must have done something wrong

So what is the problem? Here some facts that might matter, please help im thankful for every idea.

1. Wrong battery? Which kind to use best?
2. No Ground? The manual said "DO not connect Ground to the EMG)
3. Not isolated enough? The batterys are mounted in the Volume and Tone hole
4. Or are the cables not put together good enough? i welded them myself put its very professional..
5. Amp is Modeling, so no High or Low input on it.... but it got a noise control

Thanks for every answer and a nice day...
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What amp are you using?
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try lowering the pickups a bit?

Yeah try this. EMGs can be very sensitive to pickup height. Try to get them as close as the strings as possible (without the strings hitting the pickups ofcourse) and after that lower then a little bit at a time untill the feedback goes away. If they are pretty low and you still have feedback then the problem is caused by something else.
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I got a Line6 Spider III Head and a Marshall box...
I know the facts with the height.... but it got the same height as my Explorer.
I will try the alu foil when i cange my strings next time....
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Here is my guess. You are getting low frequency feedback from your pickups when you get too close to your amp. When the pickup feeds back it is at a frequency that your amp likes a bit too much so then you end up with feedback being generated within the amp at the same frequency. The guitar and amp feedback oscillate back and forth gaining momentum so the usually tricks to control feedback (like turning away from the amp) won't work. Even if the feedback isn't loud it's powerful so it keeps going and tends to get louder and louder. The only way to stop it is to completely cut the input signal, either by turning the guitar's volume all the way down or unplugging it. Sometimes, if your amp was poorly designed, then even cutting the input signal won't work. Sometimes when this parasitic oscillation starts the only way to stop it is to turn off your amp.

The problem is really more to do with your amp not being able to handle the signal it’s getting than with your guitar, but that doesn’t mean there are not things that can be done to your guitar than might help keep it under control.

The best thing to do is stop sitting on or by your amp when you play at high gain. Use rubber tubing rather than springs to mount your pickups, and if that is a metal pickguard then replace it with a plastic one. Metal pickgaurds make feedback problems worse.
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Quote by FlipsGTS
I got a Line6 Spider III Head and a Marshall box...
I know the facts with the height.... but it got the same height as my Explorer.
I will try the alu foil when i cange my strings next time....

Hm, well, you probably shouldn't have purchased EMGs. They're designed to drive a tube amp hard. Not so good for your Spider.
Well i dont think EMGs are only good for tube amps... on every amp i ever played they sound the best (for my ears).
So i guess CorduroyEW is right, the amp is pretty cheap, i will purchase a new one in the next few month i will see how it works... and since i only play my explorer live i guess its not so dramatic after all... thanks for the tips though
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