G'day guitar enthusiasts,

I've been thinking recently of buying my first electric guitar, and like I'm sure many other people before me, have no idea what brands are great electric guitars and which brands are not so great electric guitars. I would really like to learn some classic rock songs, songs from bands like ACDC and Metallica.

I've been playing the acoustic guitar for almost a year now, and currently own a Takamine Ac/El, but the Takamine just doesn't do the trick when it comes to playing rock music. I'm willing to spend whatever amount of money there is, but not too far over the top! Any input will be really appreciated.

Also, if you have the time, maybe you could point out if there are any decent electric guitars to buy from this store - http://bestmusicshop.com.au/ This is my local music store where I buy all of my guitar stuff from.

First post by the way, and I'm sorry if a similar thread has been created regarding this topic.

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For the stuff you mentioned, I'd recommend a Gibson SG. But the best guitar on the site you mentioned is definitely the Fender Stratocaster. If budget is tight, then the Squier will do - but Fender's the way to go if you want the genuine article.



I'd look at a couple of brand websites, just to look around and see what there is. I'm sure your music shop would be happy to order a guitar in specially for you.

By the way, Angus Young himself has used nothing but SGs. I'd murder for one.

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for the record, on a strat imo maple neck > rosewood neck

maple feels soooo smooth and nice to play
Quote by adr11iano
for the record, on a strat imo maple neck > rosewood neck

maple feels soooo smooth and nice to play

Nah man, Maple feels the same to me as Rosewood. The strings don't actually touch the wood at all (or aren't MEANT to) so the feel is gonna be the same. I do prefer maple, but only because it looks so much cooler.

Anyway, I recommend a Mexican Fat Strat (with a humbucker, or double pickup) or an Epiphone Standard Les Paul or SG. And make sure that you try out whatever you are hoping to buy. The exact one you'll be buying, not just the same model.
You'll find electric guitar so much easier than acoustic, I'll tell you that. But I'd go for an Epiphone G400, because when you get better at guitar and want more tones, it's a nice modding guitar.

Do you think you'll be using cleans a lot? If so, I'd go for a HSS Strat aswell, it's a little more expensive, but they're good guitars, and it's another really good modding guitar.

So yeah. Maybe try them out if you can.
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