First off, I've been wanting a relatively cheap tube head for a while when my solid state combo broke beyonf repair. I narrowed it down to getting a 5150 on ebay... but $600-$700 is just a little steep *cough*formyparents*cough*. Then I concidered the Valveking head with some sort of OD pedal.

Then I found out about the Bugera 6260. They go for around $550 on ebay.

Here's some clips:

What do you think? Anyone know anything about this amp?
I have the 6262. Very good amp indeed.

If you want an amp to do metal and what not this is it for you. The cleans are also pretty nice.

Alot of people bring up reliability issues but there is not that big of an issue besides you get warranty with it if anything goes wrong. But i've had mines for awhile now and not a single problem with it and I gig often. so, everything is fine with it.

If you want a cheap nice tube amp, this is it. I played a valveking didn't like it at all, the bugera is definitely where its at. Has so much gain.
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They're meant to sound pretty decent, but there's definitely a few problems with their quality control.
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I'm not really concerned with quality control.. I just want it to last a few years. I think my mind is set. I've listened to some clips, read a few reviews... I think I really want this amp.

I can get this head for only 20 dollars more than a Valveking... so it's between a Bugera 6260, or I think it's now the 6262, and a 5150... and apparently they have a similar sound so I think Bugera wins. I just hope if I get it, that my Crate cab (bought it for $60 from a friend) wont make it completely sound like crap.