with the vypyr threads and stuff.i thought,hell let's make a roland one!Share your thoughts about the amps
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Tbh, if you look at the other threads, then the first post has to be full of information about the different models, sizes etc. Then reserve a few posts afterwards so other people can write reviews and you add them in.
Mine looks like a cube

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When I first started playing guitar again two years ago, the first amp I bought was a Cube 60. I liked it a lot. With that said, after playing a Peavey Vypyr, I HAD to have it. It simply blows the Cube away in every aspect.
A cube would have been my next amp also until I tried the Valve Junior. No more SS of any kind now.
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There's already a thread like this. It's named something like "Roland Cube users unite!" but the purpose is the same.

Not to mention that in my opinion this thread is pretty useless, they're cheap starter amps so I doubt there's much discussion about them. Most "Only xxxx" threads are useful because there are a lot of threads asking about said amps. But I don't see very many questions about Cubes, usually they pop up when someone asks what amp he should buy.
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