Hi people.

Im new to customising guitars. I was wondering can you change any pickups or humbuckers to your guitar without any worries they wont mix together or can ya buy any and just put'em in?

Also one more question does anyone really know what Morello's arm the homeless guitar humbuckers he uses i heard he used single pickups in that guitar?

Thanks for your help.
Wikipedia just describes them as "EMG single coils in humbucker housing" in the Arm The Homeless guitar.

I'm no expert myself, but it kind of depends on what you mean by them not mixing together.

You should, in theory at least, be able to mix any pickup with another pickup without any problems at all.

However, you do have to consider what sounds each pickup gives out, and whether you like the sounds of the pickups when you mix them together (I.E, the "middle" position on most two-humbucker guitars)

If you're into Seymour Duncans, they have absolutely loads of advice on their website, and sound clips of most of their pickups in action.
Even if you don't want Duncans, there's still plenty of good advice on choosing and installing pickups.

Like I say, I'm no expert, so it pays to get on Google and do a bit of homework before you rush out and buy anything.

Hope this helps!