Hey there.

So sometime last year someone in my year at school gave me a guitar for £20, and it happens to be an Ibanez Roadstar from sometime in the 80s.

Now it isn't in the best of conditions, the bridge is missing parts and is almost impossible to buy on eBay or anywhere else. And the paint is chipping off in some places.

So the only thing i could think of was to fill the bridge rout and put a hardtail in, now in that case i'd have to refinish the guitar, obviously. Which involves loooads of sanding of the guitar and i'd sand the paint off the neck and tung-oil that.

I'll probably just keep the electronics as of now, i've got a fair bit of experience with a soldering iron, but none at all of refinishing a guitar. I have access to a power sander if thats any help

So should i do it? any suggestions on how to finish it, colours etc? i'm open to ideas

Cheers, Tom
I don't know what to tell you... but Nice score! I've never seen one with a Pro Rock'r (or Rocker).
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Well this is a Roadstar II according to the headstock, don't know what difference that makes

i've saw some Roadstars with vintage style trems.
Just as a warning, if you dont have the tremolo arm for the Pro Rocker, its the same as the Original Edge's I believe, the guy with the whole Ibanez Trem website said something like that a long time ago, so dont be like one story I heard that he called Ibanez or something like that and took them 3 days to find a Pro Rocker arm IIRC
Yeah i saw that. But it's not just the trem arm i'm on about. A saddle that actually keeps the string in the bridge is missing so i'd need one of those. So my only option is to put another bridge in.
I have that guitar its Ibanez Roadstar II RG440 1986 year made in Korea... its awesome it has licensed floyd rose bridge... and sounds nice with stock pickups but I'm planing to buy new, 'cause I play mostly death.
Anyway awesome guitar
Refinishing a guitar is really easy, it'll be a great project. Check the ultimate refinishing thread and the tutorial thread, there's a bunch of useful stuff there