a song i just wrote following an argument between myself and a friend, After Everything is just a working title, i'll probably think of something else later (suggestions appreciated)


Think about it, just for a second,
we're tearing apart, right at the seams,
don't walk away, we've come too far,
to turn around and throw it all away
After all we've done, what we've shared,
we're turning our backs and walking out
And i know it's my fault,
i know what it is i said,
but i've apologised for too long,
it all comes down to your choice.
Remember the time we sat out and talked,
and you told me so much, too much,
well i've still got every word,
all in confidence, no one'll know
After all we've done, everything we've shared,
why turn our backs and walk, away

fairly short i know, i dont what else to add though
Yes, I Am A Lesbian... No, I Don't Do Porn