Does anyone know the technical specs and features of the 'USB converter' audio interface that SingStar comes with? We tried recording guitar, bass, vocals and drums with it and it worked surprisingly well (...considering how much they're worth).

I found the input volume to be pretty low (so you have to crank the guitar and bass amps...vocals we just run it through a bass amp or kareoke machine and you have to really crank it to get a decent level).

...so i'm assuming these interfaces don't have any sort of pre-amp on board? Didn't get too good a drum tone either (actually, it's better than the tone of the drums in st anger imo), but i'm thinking that's more to do with the fact that i'm using 2 singstar mics :P (so would it be the mics or the audio interface that make the biggest difference in drum recording?)

Also...recommend me a pre-amp for vocals. Something under $80-100 i guess, there are heaps of brands out there but what are your recommendations?