its messing up my playing. help im using a pick, it is quite impossible to mute strings that im not playing because im playing at quite a fast tempo(and almost using all the strings while playing) and there's no way to do that.

the sound stops when i play on the string that vibrates(duh) but the clash of sound even for awhile screws up the playing
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just a wild guess but do you use a pick?

simple answer is learn to mute the notes your not playing with your right hand.
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well it sounds to me like you might have a bad ground.

by the way, is something spoilt with my guitar?
mute with your left hand as well

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if you don't mute some strings, some others will always vibrate and some will even strongly vibrate if they are tuned to a harmonic of the string played (like play the low E and b will start vibrating visibly)
It's true. for some reason, my A starts vibrating when I hit my high E.
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