Hey, I'm looking for a phaser with tap tempo and preferably true bypass. I'll be using it mainly for funky clean sounds and distorted jet-plane wooshing. The only one I can find that's even close to this is the Boss PH-3 but I have had mixed experiences with boss pedals. Also this doesn't have true bypass. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Edit -> I'm, using a PRS singlecut 245 and a cornford harlequin 6watt valve combo w/ vintage 30's.
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I've always felt that the whooshing jet plane thing is more in the realm of flangers, though they are pretty similar

can't think of any with tap tempo

otherwise the favourites seem to be the Phase 90 and the Small Stone.....been working for every single rock guitarist out there for the past 40 years....don't see any reason to change
(I personally lust over a MuTron BiPhase but I don't think its exactly easy to find one of those)
the rise and fall modes on the boss are definately swooshy and suprisingly useful

i'd say try it and if you like it go for it and get a true bypass looper
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