My girlfriend is thinking about getting a new guitar and she has about $400. What would you recommend? She plays mainly metal but many other kinds of rock as well. Thanks.
Epiphone Les Paul. I play metal and rock and iv had it for over 3 years and it has never let me down> 10/10 recommended
Save about 20 more dollars and get an ESP LTD M-200FM. ESPEMG Pickups, Licensed FLoyd Rose, and Neck-Thru construction. For a flat $400, I'd say an ESP FX-260 or if she likes speed metal and extreme tremolo stuff, go for an Ibanez RG350DX. The pickups aren't too bad. Bolt-On neck, but very thin which is good(OF course it's an Ibanez).
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Stay away from anything with an Edge Three Tremolo. I'd Recommend something along the lines of an Epiphone Les paul or G-400 SG.
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it's tough to go wrong with a mexican strat. the only problems i've had with it are occasional intonation problems on the high e, but i've fixed that. seriously, i got into playing guitar a few years ago thinking all i wanted to play was heavy metal, but i've just changed a good bit over time, now it's mostly just blues. one more thing i like about the strat is that you can get a fairly crunchy sound with something like a grunge pedal, or some other one. i'm gonna guess you could make it sound pretty evil if you had some sort of heavy metal pedal.
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If you want cutting edge sound right away, you might get a guitar with EMGs. Active if your willing to spend a little more money. And what one user said is definately right, the used market would be best. As far as fast goes, the fastest is Ibanez RGs, very good guitars, and ESPs. I would say the V-200. Great guitar, and the fastest ive ever felt. Bending is a little harder because of the string tension, but because of that string tention, it takes no effort to fret the string. No trem-system on the esp, but there are other models that have it. The most important things is to have her try a lot of them. See what she wants. Then maybe see if you can find it used. Or, if your willing to spend a little more, PRS is a great brand, and has quality stuff. Just get a metal zone for the right sound.
look into a schecter...........the best quality for the $ imo.
Playing on some new gear....review to follow