Hey all,

Brilliant condition bass, signature model of Mark Hoppus (Blink-182, +44), Daphne Blue
Gigged a lot with it, it's a real performer. Warm tones on the lower strings, sharper ones on the higher strings. Ideal for punk-rock, though more than great for blues, funk - you name it!
Fuses a Jazz Bass body with a Precision Bass neck/hardware. Single pickup, single volume, no tone etc.
Comes with a hard case, would prefer to ship within the UK, but if you really want it, it's all yours. Im not looking to make money on postage, so if you find a cheaper courier than me, that's cool.
I cannot remember what I paid for it new, somewhere in the £600 region ($1000 today, about $1200 then). These models are no longer in production, so I'm selling at £450, or $800.
Nothing wrong with the bass, it's just time for me to get something more 'my own'.

I have photo's, just ask.

Dang, didn't think there was much chance, was worth a go anyway. good luck selling it anyway.
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+1, and I'm pretty sure they're still making them. Still on Fender's site and MF/GF.com