guys my dad's going to USA (again )
and as all of the stores in here suck major ass i wanna buy some stuff from USA..

i'll buy a Cool cat 2 ovd def-'ly and a lapsteel... though i want some suff (loads of klittle accessories which will help me during gigs and so...) cheap stuff... like string winders, polish-es, straps, capos and soooo...
need quick help as my father is going there at the end of this month but i need to know how much mioney i gotta gather...
peace V
sorry if had laods of mistakes.. i'm justin a hurry now ...
That was very bad spelling.
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A dictionary.

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yeah.... there really is no direct question in this...
i have no idea what you are asking...
go to "how to make sense" school and get back to us
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A dictionary.

this ^^
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dude... Go on musiciansfriend or whatever, find the stuff you want, and add up the prices...
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i'd buy the expensive stuff in america

i.e. pedals
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go down to your local guitar store and buy some fretboard polish/oil?
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I like to use FastFret, it smells good and makes the fretboard nice.

As for price, you should be able to get a lot of accessories with like 100 bucks.

Pedals usually like 100 bucks each, would be somewhat normal.