hey guys, i'm looking for a new amp and wondered if you could recommend anything. I have a budget of £300 max (about $600) i mainly play a mix of rock, blues etc. Playing a squier bullet strat and Epiphone les paul custom. thanks!
Laney VC15 if youre not gigging VC30 if you are

also: peavey classic 30 (bit of a stretch)

epiphone valve standard

fender blues junior

sound city SC series

if its solely for home use look at an epiphone valve junior or an orange AD5
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^+1 to all of those. EDIT: Except the MG. I didn't see that before!

I'll add that the VC15 is perfectly loud enough for small gigs, and that the VC30 isn't actually that much louder. Still, it has more clean headroom, which is either a good or a bad thing, depending on whether you want perfect cleans or prefer a bit of overdrive.

Sounds like a Laney VC15 or VC30 would suit you perfectly. If you ever want more than a classic rock level of distortion, you'll need an OD, but they're really nice amps, and reasonably priced here in the UK. I don't have as much experience with the others, but I liked the Fender Blues Jr. when I played it (only for 5 minutes or so).

Also, you could look at Blackhearts (Little Giant/Handsome Devil). I quite liked the Little Giant I tried, although it didn't have much clean headroom. If you like cleans, it might not suit you.
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i'd agree with the laney vc15 or 30, depending on what you mean by rock.

bear in mind, the footswitch is like £15 extra or something like that, which'd take the vc30 marginally over budget (you can get one online for like £297 or something like that), but you could always get that later...
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