Im looking at getting one soon.
Price isnt an issue.

The only one's ive really taken a loop at are the boss ones.. i know digitech makes one too.

What are other good ones?

Preferably something easy to use that has a lot of loop capacity (how many loops it can store and play back at any one time)

Also.. anyone know what looper Kaki King uses? I couldnt find that anywhere..

but thats beside the point of the thread.

Suggest me a loop pedal. Thats it

I got the Boss RC-2 and it's sick.
11 banks, 16 mins, 32 drum patterns.
really easy to use.
i got mine for about $185 CDN
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i have a digitech jamman, and its pretty good. 99 tracks (although only one at a time) but you can do an overdub, so you can technically add as many tracks as you want to the one loop. and it has an undo/redo feature, which is good for taking an overdub in and out of a track. i'd check one out if i were you. the best way to check a pedal is to use it yourself.
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I have a boss double pedal model (RC-20 I think). I like it. It's easy to use and sounds good. It seems pretty dependable also.
If you think you'll use all the features then maybe the RC50? It's about the same size as an ME50 though
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If you think you'll use all the features then maybe the RC50? It's about the same size as an ME50 though

This. If not, go for the RC-20. Loads easier to use than the RC-2.
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digitech PDS 20/20, lofi looping at it's best.


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