Poll: Which do you play more, acoustic or electric?
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View poll results: Which do you play more, acoustic or electric?
Mainly acoustic
20 21%
Mainly electric
55 59%
Evenly split between the two
15 16%
I don't play the guitar
2 2%
Voters: 94.
Hey guys, so I got a little bored and curious. I'm pretty sure most of us here play both both the acoustic and the electric. But, Which do you play more, the acoustic or the electric guitar? And why?
Well my acoustic is crap so electric
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I try to split it up as evenly as possible.
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I love my acoustic at the moment.

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Acoustic for chilling, electric for rocking out :P Electrics tend to be too loud most of the time, can't really chill out with all that drive :>
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The closest I usually come to acoustic is playing electric without an amp... So yeah, mainly electric
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more electric seeing as i just got a new one and my brother took my acoustic to college
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Acoustic, I do a lot of fingerstyle stuff... and I'm without an amp just now
Bass. So technically electric. I play my mom's acoustic guitar a lot, but once I get an electric guitar I'll probably play it more, seeing as improvizing blues and playing barre chords will be much easier.
I pick up my acoustic maybe... once every 2 weeks?

Electrics are just easier to play, more versatile and more fun.
I would say 60% of the time electric: 40% acoustic. The only reason it's even 40% is because when I'm writing anything, no matter what, I use an acoustic. I don't know why, it's just something I've done since I started playing.
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I play my electric mostly but often play my acoustic before I go to bed. I think that acoustic are fun to play, I usually just improve a load of chord patterns.
Mmmm, the electric guitar is definitely a lot more popular over here. And I realised I forgot to state my position lol. Personally, I don't even own an electric, but I might be getting one when I have the money to. So for the time being, its exclusively acoustic =P
My acoustic, my amp is broken and I love the sound of it anyways. I save electric for the stuff that actually needs distortion.
i used to have to play acoustic because my girlfriend would always be sleeping. But she called off the marriage and left so now i play outrageously loud/angry music in my own little dojo.
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Ellectric because I like to use crazy effects.
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Electric because I don't even have an acoustic.
I just need about $3.50

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