I'm a junior and have noticed that the kids in this years freshman class are really really...short. Like, there are some that are as big as their backpacks.
And last years freshmans (this year's sophomores) are all really slutty or stupid.

I've asked friends from other districts near me and they all say the same!

Can other pitmonkeys attest to this as well?
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you were probably the same way when you were that age. well, at least in the eyes of the older kids.
you were the same....why all these high school threads today?
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Being short is a trend? Well I guess it's time for me to follow along as usual.......

*chops off legs*
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I've noticed people who are new to a school (mainly freshmen) are carrying huge backpacks with all of their stuff in it everywhere they go (so they don't have to go to their locker (because they are new and they have nooooo idea where it is) ).

This doesn't go for just freshmen, but all new kids in general.

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Its the same at my school. Except for the slutty part. Maybe im just not looking hard enough!
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Its because you've grown so everyone looks so much shorter than you remember you were at freshmen year. They are really just average height and fat. And take advantage of the sophomores while you can
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