For practice, yes.

For gigs, not really.


Sound Systems - details & rates

How to select the sound system you need
Voice only applications - minimum of 1/2 watt per person (250 Watts would cover an audience of 500) - "Small Vocal" system is recommended, or "Large Vocal" system for wide area outdoor coverage.
Music accompanied singing to tape/CD or a few acoustic instruments - minimum of 4 watts per person (2,000 Watts would cover an audience of 500) - "Small Club" system is recommended, or "Small Vocal" system for rooms under 150 people.
Contemporary pop/light rock band - minimum of 8 watts per person (4,000 Watts would cover an audience of 500) - "Small Club" or "Large Club" system is recommended.
Hard rock or metal band - minimum of 12 watts per person (6,000 watts would cover an audience of 500) - "Large Club" system is recommended.
Audience sizes over 2,000 - "Small Stadium" system recommended.
At least double all power requirements for outdoor settings.
*NOTE* The above power requirement guide is only intended as a rough estimate. Venue size, shape, acoustics, stage area, music styles, band performance, etc. are all factors that can influence sound system power requirements. These estimates assume optimal acoustical conditions and MINIMUM power requirements for ANY supplier's sound system, and are provided only as a quick estimate in calculating the sound reinforcement expenses for your event.

System selections
All systems include mixer, microphones, effects processors, cables, and other ancillary equipment. Call or e-mail for details.
"Small Vocal" system - Two full range speakers on tri-pod stands. About 500 watts
"Large Vocal" system - Four full range speakers for wide-area coverage. About 1,000 watts
"Small Club" system - Two subwoofers and two mid/high speakers. About 9,000 watts
"Large Club" system - Four Subwoofers and four mid/high speakers. About 18,000 watts
"Small Stadium" system - Four Subwoofers, four mid bass speakers, and four mid/high speakers. About 28,000 watts
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Bah. It has one of "those" mixers. Grab a cheap Behringer mixer or something to save yourself a tonne of hassle.

Also, keep it in a practise room - not a hope in hell this will be useful in a gigging environment. Might need a few more leads and maybe a monitor or two to mic up amps and/or kit.

But for vocals over a drum kit? No problem! It's the bass guitar you've got to worry about. It can wreck havoc in a practise room.